Charity online brand toolkit

UX and graphic design

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity were in need of a brand management toolkit to keep their new brand consistent and easy to implement. Their new toolkit, ‘Brand Meadow’ is now a Third Sector Award nominated brand management toolkit using web to print technology. The new technology enables supporters to login to a personal dashboard, design, edit and share Rainbow Trust branded marketing tools within minutes. It also has a beautifully modern parallax page displaying brand guidelines.

Working together with my developer partner, we have now developed a content management system to enable reporting and back end editing and are building Brand Meadows for other clients, such as Young Enterprise.


Functional specification

The framework for Brand Meadow

I worked closely together with Rainbow Trust to identify their exact needs for the toolkit. Having gathered the requirements and met the team, I then put together a specification which outlined the functionality of the new toolkit. This included the ability to print or download with or without crop marks, in full colour CMYK, or as a jpg/pdf.

Create & edit

Personal dashboard

Working together with my developer partner, we designed the cutting edge technology to enable Rainbow Trust to create, edit and save beautifully designed marketing materials. The user simply logs in to their personal dashboard and creates the posters, leaflets or banners required. They can then go back in edit, or re-print the piece whenever they like. This ensures brand consistency across the materials and reduced time ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

Technology design
Online Brand Guidelines

Our Brand

Stunning parallax showcase

The ‘Our Brand’ section is a stunning parallax scrolling section which showcases Rainbow Trusts brand guidelines, including logo usage, typography, colours, top tips and a contact for designers.

Content Management System

Report, analyse, support & more

I developed a set of wireframes and graphics to incorporate a content management system into Brand Meadow. This includes the ability to report, upload images, change instruction text, re-set passwords, manage users and create support tickets.

The newly incorporated content management system is a great way to test how subscribers use the toolkit, how many tools they make and how successful their journey has been. This enables both us and our client to constantly improve the system according to user needs and feedback.

CMS dashboard
Bespoke CMS design

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