VSO Volunteer View

Fundraising campaign

VSO contacted Media Meadow to develop the campaign and logo design for Volunteer View, a fundraising campaign to acquire and retain new donors. The aim of Volunteer View is to show how powerful the impact of a VSO volunteer can be by sharing stories and updates. The logo needed to accompany the existing VSO logo and the suite of materials needed to help VSO reach set objectives on a well planned donor journey. It was also important to ensure the campaign brand kept aligned with the existing VSO brand, yet offered a personal touch ‘from the volunteer field.’


The Volunteer View logo needed to work well with the existing logo, forming a cohesive part of the overall VSO brand. It also needed to represent the cooperation between volunteers and donors. Through the sharing of volunteer insights, donors could get a really good feel for the difference a volunteer makes to the lives of many and ultimately the difference the donor makes through funding a volunteer. I delivered 3 initial concepts to convey this within the logo. The winner was the map pin, with a transparent circle to represent the volunteer out on location and through their eyes.



The brief was to make the campaign materials look fresh and professional yet with a homespun feel. A way of achieving this was to explore the use of different handwritten fonts to get a more personal touch.


The campaign design suite

I developed a suite of offline materials designed to guide each donor on their journey of support. This included many materials from pitch cards, welcome information to retention communication.

Welcome leaflet
Design suite

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