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What to do with a persona?

What’s a persona again?

For more information on what a persona is and the purpose for using them, please read my blog: why use a persona. If you’d like some tips on how to create personas take a look at my blog: what’s in a persona?

Ok it was fun creating them, but what next?

1) Write them up – quick!
Your personas are probably hand written, make them look presentable and send them round to your team.

2) Map your user journeys
Use the information gathered from your persona work to map out the individual goals of a particular user. You can use software like Lucid Charts, anything in the Adobe suite or even just draw on a piece of paper. Look at where they want to get to and how they will get there.

3) Use this to inform your information architecture
You will quickly get a grasp of the pages or sections which are most important for your users on your website or product. Use this to direct your primary navigation layout. Make the pages that most of your users want to use really stand out.

4) Set up goals in your analytics
Once your new website or product is live, set up a goal using Google analytics for the key actions your users want to take. You’ll find that these should naturally align to your organisation or business objectives.

5) Test your users experience
Record how a sample of users that align closely to your personas actually experience your website or product. Record across different devices too. What works well? What are the obstacles? What do you need to keep and what do you need to change?

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