Why use personas?
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Why use personas?

What is a persona?

A persona document is a profile of a typical user of your product. Ideally, your personas should be based on a combination of hard analytics data and knowledge of your user base. Whilst a persona is fictional, he or she is very true to the way a particular type of person will experience your product.

What is the purpose of a persona?

Creating personas enables you to think user first when creating or maintaining new products, such as a website or app. You can define characteristics, goals, frustrations and joys that your personas encounter in real life.

3 reasons for using personas

1) It’s good practice
The producers of any product, be it on or offline need to focus on the user. As a result, creating personas gets you in the right mindset and makes you think user first.

2) They bring personality to your product
If you’re a creative like me it’s no fun just working with hard cold data! Creating personas brings warmth and meaning to a product. It brings your clients and their clients into the process and makes you think about what a usually actually needs, rather than what you think they need.

3) You can pinpoint pain and happy points
Personas typically include information such as demographics, behaviors and aspirations. Looking at how such a character will work through your website or other product will help you understand what barriers could get in their way to achieving their goal, and ultimately your business goal. Similarly, if you know this, you can simplify their journey and cut out any unnecessary obstacles to help pave the way for a pleasurable user experience.

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